The increased use of preemption has created a demand for legal strategies and research, and resources, including direct technical assistance to help local governments and advocates. To meet these needs, the LSSC serves as a centralized legal resource center providing legal support – through legal research, technical assistance, legal referrals, amicus briefs and other tools, and education – to local officials, advocates, and the field to counter a range of preemption of issues at the local level.

To accomplish this work, the LSSC works with a coalition of legal scholars and advocates who are researching and refining legal strategies and creating resources to protect the authority and power of cities to enact inclusive, innovative, and equitable laws.


Research and Tools


Amicus Briefs

Model Resolutions

Preemption Education

LSSC is committed to raising awareness about the threat of preemption and its negative consequences for local democracy, and meets this goal by providing workshops and briefings, webinars and in-person briefings for city attorneys, elected officials and advocates.  LSSC also promotes and disseminates legal articles and white papers on state preemption.


The LSSC legal team – collectively and individually – hosts or participates in webinars, conferences, and speaking engagements that provided the opportunity to raise awareness about preemption, disseminate tools, and share new research and strategies with attorneys, advocacy organizations and policymakers. To date, Audiences have included state and municipal lawmakers, law schools, funders and organizations ranging from the American Constitution Society to the American Heart Association.