We defend and advance local democracy.

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Across the country, local governments are taking the lead on tackling our greatest challenges head-on, enacting laws to protect public health, improve workers’ rights, reduce inequity, respond to emerging environmental threats, advance technological innovation and other policy solutions.  At the same time, the increased use of state preemption is removing or reducing the power of local governments to act on policies that would meet the needs and represent the values of their communities. 

Local Solutions Support Center (LSSC) is a national hub that connects, coordinates and creates efforts to counter the increasing misuse of preemption and strengthen local democracy.  


How we support local democracy


Local Solutions Support Center is a national hub working to stem the increasing abuse of preemption and protect local power.  We work in four integrated areas: legal, education and outreach, communications and research, and grassroots organizing. 

Our goals are to elevate, reframe and respond to the abuse of state preemption as a danger to local authority and autonomy; to educate policymakers, city attorneys, advocates and the public about the consequences of state interference; to build cross-issue coalitions at the local, state, and national levels; and, to provide advocates and policymakers with strategies and tools to avoid preemption and advance equity-promoting policies. 

Our services include:

  • legal research

  • technical assistance

  • amicus briefs and other tools

  • public opinion research

  • messaging and communications guides

  • webinars, workshops, briefings and other educational outreach

  • grassroots organizing support and strategies