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A top LSSC priority is the education of elected officials and advocates about the threat preemption poses to local policy innovation, nuances about the design, implementation, and impacts of preemption, and measures to counter preemption’s potential harms. In addition, these allies also need communications tools and strategies to educate policymakers and the public about preemption’s effects on local policy innovation and framing the issue in ways that resonate across the ideological spectrum.

To that end, the LSSC is commissioning three rounds of research in 2018, starting in with a national public opinion research project conducted by a Democratic and Republic firm to use online focus groups and polling to develop, test and refine preemption messaging. In addition to this messaging research, the LSSC will collaborate with the American Heart Association, the National League of Cities and other partners in 5 to 8 in-state polls this spring to determine the local will and opportunity to promote and protect local decision-making, challenge or repeal preemption laws and strengthen home rule. Finally, the LSSC is planning to work with Forward Justice, the North Carolina-based non-profit founded by Reverend William Barber to develop national framing and messaging tools that help raise awareness of the use of preemption as a threat to racial, economic and health.

In addition, the LSSC has added media outreach capacity by retaining the services of Cate Communications in 2018.


Need help with explaining preemption? These two, downloadable Ready Set Go guides and Preemption Primer offer an excellent starting point:

LSSC Ready Set Go Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

LSSC Ready Set Go Talking Points

LSSC Preemption Primer


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