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The Local Solutions Support Center (LSSC) is a national hub, housed inside the Rockefeller Family Fund and created to reframe and respond to preemption as a threat to the advancement of local policies that promote economic, social and public health equity and justice. To meet that goal, the LSSC is developing, supporting and implementing nonpartisan strategies and tactics designed to educate the public and policymakers on negative preemption efforts, repeal existing laws that stifle local innovation and equity-promotion, inoculate local officials and government against attack and, where possible and appropriate, to affirm and strengthen home rule.

Right now, cities and their allies are fighting state interference issue-by-issue. But that is proving to be a losing strategy. This approach must be redefined and relaunched as a strategically-driven, nationally-coordinated effort to defend and advance local democracy that promotes improved well-being and equity. Only by transcending the present, iterative, issue-by-issue chipping away of local power and elevating the discussion to focus on the dangers of eroding local decision-making and the promise of local policy innovation will the abuse of preemption be curbed.

The Local Solutions Support Center (LSSC) was launched in October 2017 as a hub — aligning, supporting, and creating coalitional opportunities, communications strategies, and legal research and technical assistance. Ultimately, the LSSC will help elevate and reframe the conversation about local policy innovation, educate the public and policymakers, and create legal, communications and organizing capacity at the local, state, and national levels to counter the threats posed by preemption to the health and well-being of local communities.

LSSC Staff

Kim Haddow


Kim Haddow is the director of the Local Solutions Support Center, an organization formed to coordinate and create opportunities to counter preemption that hurts local democracies and communities.  As president of Haddow Communications, Haddow has worked with the Rockefeller Family Fund for the past six years to pass earned sick day laws in over 40 states, cities and countries across the country.

Haddow also worked as the National Communications Director for the Sierra Club and at Greer, Margolis, Mitchell, Burns (GMMB), a Washington, DC- based media consulting firm, advising political, cause-related marketing campaigns and non-profits.  Haddow began her career at WWL-AM in New Orleans where she worked as a reporter, assignment editor and managed the news department.

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Kim Haddow

Katie Belanger

Deputy Director

The LSSC’s Deputy Director Katie Belanger brings an extensive background in campaign design and implementation and organizational leadership to the organization, where she will focus on building state grassroots engagement programs and public education campaigns. Katie came to LSSC from Freedom for All Americans, the national campaign to win nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ Americans. As a founding member of the staff at FFAA, Katie has served in many capacities, including Acting CEO and President of Operations & Organizational Development. Prior to launching her consulting practice, Katie was the President & CEO of Fair Wisconsin, the Badger state’s LGBTQ advocacy organization, where she helped secure groundbreaking legal protections for same-sex couples and transgender Wisconsinites.  She has also been a successful fundraiser for multi-million dollar issue and grassroots advocacy organizations and electoral campaigns. Katie is a Past Chair of the Equality Federation Board of Directors, the strategic partner to state-based LGBTQ advocacy organizations and is the President of the Wisconsin Progress Board of Directors, an organization dedicated to recruiting and training leaders to run for elected local office in Wisconsin.

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Kate Belanger
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